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Glad Bake Non-Stick Baking and Cooking Paper 5m x 30cm 1pack
Glad Cling Wrap 200feet 61m x 30cm 1pack
Convenient Tear Off Roll Medium Garbage Bag 50pcs/pack
Convenient Tear Off Roll Large Garbage Bag 40pcs/pack
Convenient Tear Off Roll Small Garbage Bag 90pcs/pack
Diamond Cling Wrap 200feet/60m 1pack
Diamond Aluminium Foil 75feet 22.8m x 30.4cm 1unit
TTL Garbage Bag (Large) 70x90cm 30pcs/pack
Glad Zipper Sandwich Bag 50pcs/pack
YP paper plate white 9in 20s
Crystal wrap baking paper 30cmx5m
Diamond Cling Wrap 30m 1unit
Diamond Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty 37.5 Foot x 18 Inch 1pack
YP 1000 food container rect 10s
Glad aluminium foil 25sqft 1pack
Diamond Sandwich Zipper Bags (Large) 20pcs/pack
Diamond Freezer Zipper Storage Bags Large 15pcs/pack
Glad Zipper Storage Bag (L) 20pcs/pack
Glad Cook and Bake Paper 10m x30cm 1pack
Ziploc Sandwich Bag (16.5x14.9cm) 50pcs/pack
Diamond Foil Non Stick 16.4FT
Diamond Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty 16SF
Diamond Sandwich Zipper Bags (Small) 50pcs/pack
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Nature Red Clear Container (Rectangular) 400ml
Mimipikita x Jaya Grocer Apron (RM69.90) 1unit
[Exclusive] Mimpikita Tote Bag (RM59.90) 1unit
Smiley Stainless Steel Coffee Mug (White) 380ml 1unit

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