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Gardenia Original Classic Jumbo White Bread 600g
Massimo Wheat Germ Sandwich Loaf Bread 600g
Massimo Wheat Germ Sandwich Loaf Bread 400g
Gardenia Original Classic White Bread 400g
Gardenia Wholemeal Bread 400g
Baby Bun 10pcs/pack
Massimo 100% Whole Wheat Loaf Bread 420g
Massimo White Sandwich Loaf Bread 400g
Rainbows Sprouted The Original 3-Seeds Bread 1pack
Raisin Scone 3pcs/pack
Rainbows Sprouted The Original 7-Grains Bread 1pack
Foccacia Bread 3pcs/pack
Mission Original Wraps 360g
Butter Loaf 1unit
Massimo White Sandwich Loaf Bread 600g
French Loaf 1pc
French Loaf 1pc
RM 4.60
Mission Wholegrain Wraps 360g
Burger Bun 5pcs/pack
8 Grain Bread 320g
Sourdough Bread 1unit
French Village Bread 1 pc
English Muffin 3pcs/pack
Ciabatta 1 pc
Ciabatta 1 pc
RM 5.30
Wholemeal Baguette 1 pc
Wholemeal English Muffin 3pcs
Raisin Loaf 1unit
Country Oven Multiseed Bread 1unit
Mission 6 Grains Wraps 360g
Sugar Ring Doughnut 5pcs/pack
Mission Onion and Chives Wraps 360g
Mission Pita Bread Wholemeal 400g
Gardenia Roll-Up Wraps Classic 1pack
Mission Garlic Wraps 360g
Blueberries Muffin 1 pc
Plain Butter Roll 5pcs/pack
Hot Dog Bun 5pcs/pack
Premium Marble Cake 1unit
Mission Quinoa Wraps 360g
Nature's Bake Burger Roll 300g
Mission Pita Bread Plain 400g
Mission Potato Wraps 360g
Sesame Baguette 1 pc
Healthy Dark Seed Bread 1 pc
Nature's Bake Frankfurter Roll 300g
Brioche 1unit
Brioche 1unit
RM 12.90
Artisan Baguette 1unit
Rye Bread 1 pc
Rye Bread 1 pc
RM 7.50
Samudra Mini Bahulu 160g

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